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All rooms are studio apartments apart from:-

* Rooms with (*) are a 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom flat

^ Rooms with a (^) are a 1 bedroom apartment (separate bedroom)

# Ground floor rooms share living / kitchen, bathroom area

Andrews Avenue, Lower Hutt

Room # Size Vacant
G1 #4.2m x 2.6mNot Vacant
G2 #4.7m x 2.7mNot Vacant
G3 #3.1m x 3.4mNot Vacant
G4 #3.4m x 4.6mNot Vacant
1A4.5m x 2.5mNot Vacant
10110.5m x 3.0mNot Vacant
10210.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
10310.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
10410.5m x 3.3mNot Vacant
1059.4m x 3.3mNot Vacant
1068.3m x 3.0mNot Vacant
1078.3m x 3.3mNot Vacant
2A4.5m x 2.5mNot Vacant
20110.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
20210.5m x 3.0mNot Vacant
20310.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
20410.5m x 3.3mNot Vacant
2059.4m x 3.3mNot Vacant
2068.3m x 3.0mNot Vacant
2078.3m x 3.3mNot Vacant
30110.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
30210.5m x 3.0mNot Vacant
30310.5m x 3.4mNot Vacant
30410.5m x 3.3mNot Vacant
3059.4m x 3.3mVACANT
(27th Jun)
3068.3m x 3.0mNot Vacant
3078.3m x 3.3mNot Vacant
401^10.0m x 3.5mNot Vacant
4026.5m x 3.2mNot Vacant
4036.5m x 3.0mNot Vacant
4046.5m x 3.3mNot Vacant
4056.2m x 3.0mNot Vacant
4066.2m x 3.0mNot Vacant
4076.0m x 2.4mNot Vacant
4086.0m x 2.4mNot Vacant
4096.0m x 2.7mNot Vacant
4106.0m x 2.7mNot Vacant
501*10.0 x 5.0mNot Vacant
5036.3m x 2.4mNot Vacant
5046.3m x 2.4mNot Vacant
5056.3m x 2.4mNot Vacant
5066.2m x 3.0mNot Vacant
5076.2m x 3.0mNot Vacant
5086.3m x 2.4mNot Vacant
5096.3m x 2.4mNot Vacant
5106.0m x 2.6mNot Vacant
5116.0m x 2.6mNot Vacant
6013.7m x 5.2mNot Vacant
6023.7m x 5.2mNot Vacant
6032.8m x 5.2mNot Vacant
6044.7m x 4.0mNot Vacant
6054.0m x 4.0mNot Vacant
6064.8m x 4.0mNot Vacant
6073.7m x 4.0mNot Vacant
6084.7m x 4.3mNot Vacant

Queens Drive, Lower Hutt

Room # Size Vacant
Unit 16.0m x 4.6mNot Vacant
Unit 26.0m x 4.6mNot Vacant
Unit 3 ^6.5m x 7mNot Vacant
Unit 4 ^6.6m x 6.7mNot Vacant
Unit 54.4m x 3.7mNot Vacant
Unit 66.0m x 7.0mNot Vacant
Q101 ^3.7m x 7.0m (Bedroom 2.5m x 3.2m)VACANT
(15th Jun)
Q101a/Q106a2.5m x 3.2mNot Vacant
Q1024.3m x 5.3mNot Vacant
Q1034.2m x 5.4mNot Vacant
Q104 ^3.8m x 8.5m (Bedroom - 4.2m x 4.5m Diagonal)Not Vacant
Q104a/Q105a4.2(L) x 4.5(W) x 5m(Diagonal)Not Vacant
Q105 ^5.0m x 9.5mNot Vacant
Q106 ^4.5m x 12.0mNot Vacant
Q2013.7m x 7.0mNot Vacant
Q2024.3m x 5.3mNot Vacant
Q2034.2m x 5.4mNot Vacant
Q204 ^3.8m x 8.5m (Bedroom - 4.2m x 4.5m Diagonal)Not Vacant
Q204a/Q205a4.2(L) x 4.5(W) x 5m(Diagonal)Not Vacant
Q205 ^5.0m x 9.5mNot Vacant
Q2063.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
Q207 ^4.5m x 8.5m (Bedroom 2.5m x 3.2m)Not Vacant
Q301 ^10m x 3.9mNot Vacant
Q3025.5m x 4.2mNot Vacant
Q3035.5m x 4.2mNot Vacant
Q3049.0m x 4.0mNot Vacant
Q305 ^8.5m x 4.4mNot Vacant
Q30611.3m x 3.6mNot Vacant
Q307 ^11.0m x 4.0mNot Vacant

High Street, Lower Hutt

Room # Size Vacant
H1014.8m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1024.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1034.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1044.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1054.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1064.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H107^5.5m x 11mNot Vacant
H1084.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1094.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1104.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1114.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1124.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H113^4.5m x 6.0mNot Vacant
H1144.0m x 3.0mNot Vacant
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